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The backbone of a successful nonprofit organization is its volunteer corps. We at Ruth's Reusable Resources wish to better utilize and better develop our volunteer corps. If you are interested, there will be many benefits to you as well as the center.


There are many districts in southern Maine who are not members of Ruth's Reusable Resource center. For one reason or another, these district or schools are not fully aware of the benefits there are to being a member of 3R's. Persons volunteering to be an ambassador for the center will have the task of helping us increase our membership by going to new schools to meet with fellow teachers or administrators to explain who and what we are.



Some of us are not very neat, taking displays apart, opening up reams of paper and even dropping things to the floor. Prior to the opening of every day, approximately 2 hours are spent re-shelving and straightening popular items. Persons who can help with this important task can do so during open hours, saving 3R's staff many, many hours per week.



We need people who can help us with the checkout of material. As you know, all items are tallied and accounted for as they leave the center. Persons are needed to assist in the counting and documentation of items as they leave the center.


Volunteer coordinator(s):

As the title implies, this person or persons would help us schedule and coordinate our volunteers. Most of this work could be done through e-mail and telephone.


Grant Writer(s):

We are planning many projects this year. Are you an experienced grant writer? Do you have an interest in writing grants for this unique partnership between nonprofit/schools/businesses? If this interests you, we need you!



Are you good at creating brochures? Can you contact area news corps? Do you communicate well with others? We need a volunteer who could bring our information to the business public.


"Volunteers stuff 'Tools for Schools' backpacks"