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Computer Donations at Ruth's Reusable Resources


Ruth's Reusable Resources has distributed good usable computers and computer related equipment to schools and non-profit organizations for over  19 years.  We accept good working computer related equipment from any local company or business.  We have distributed to schools from Fort Kent to Kittery, Eastport to Bethel and many schools in between.  Due to the high demand for good usable computer related equipment, 3R's often charges a small handling charge to cover costs of testing, recording, documenting and distributing.

3R's keeps records of all electronic equipment leaving the center.  This includes recording serial numbers, descriptions of equipment and listing of the school or non-profit that is receiving the equipment. Before any equipment leaves the center,  3R's requires a signature from the person who has the authority to be sure of  the equipment's proper use and the proper end of life disposal.


Ruth's Reusable Resources does not distribute to private enterprise, the general public or to individuals.


Information for donating companies please contact Ruth Libby at: ruthsreusableresources@gmail.com


Information for schools and non-profits inquiring about availability of equipment please contact Chris Slader at: sladerc@westbrookschools.org